Aug 30 2005

Matters with Hosting Matters

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I truly apologize for the down time on this site. I am one day away from telling Hosting Matters to take a hike. I can understand one, maybe two days of problems. But we are now into our fourth day of really spotty service and they have no answers. All they say is they deal with problems as they come up. Since it appears to be spreading to other major blogs they appear to not know how to solve this problem.

Please keep trying to check in. One way or the other we will get back on line with a robust service provider.

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4 Responses to “Matters with Hosting Matters”

  1. Tough bit of luck…hang in there, we all know how things go sometimes…

  2. Doug says:

    Our son has a pretty comprehensive picture of what’s available out there, (been a system administrator since 16, now works under contract for the Air Force dealing w/ data from telescopes atop Haleakala, Maui) and says Go Daddy – com is the best deal available.
    I have yet to find anything better.
    Based in AZ, run and owned by Bob Parsons, a former Marine, uses US products and services whenever feasible.

  3. AJStrata says:

    Thanks Doug, will look into them (again). I was totally impressed with Hosting Matters until this weekend. It wasn’t so much the problems, it was some of the answers. I would prefer to stay, but performance is the bottom line. This problem hit Captain Ed and Powerline too and they seem to settling back in.

    But I will keep your recommendation as back up!

  4. Nettie says:

    Seems like you’re back up for the time being, hope it stays!