Sep 02 2005

CNN Sinks In The Muck, Blocks Rescues

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CNN has been become the poster child of liberal insanity. They might as well be the Democrat Underground Media Broadcasters (you do the acronym). First Solidad O’Brien perpetuated the stupid complaint there was no air drop of food and supplies in New Orleans – like you could drop food in a city through the tall buildings. She was hammering the head of FEMA who finally had to treat her like the petulant little child she is. Even though FEMA has been feeding people – just not in a dramatic way as to be caught on CNN film.

He reminded her that the first response was to save lives, they couldn’t divert that effort initially to make people super comfortable – they would have to hang on (which apparently a vast, vast majority did now that the Superdome is empty). But then the FEMA guy let on he did not know that there was a large group of people in the Superdome until yesterday morning. That is when things got really bad for Solidad.

She asked the lamest question, in near hysterics: how is it FEMA did not know about the situation in the Superdome since CNN had been broadcasting it for days now.

The FEMA looked wiped out and just shocked at the inanity of the question when he responded [paraphrasing]: We were too busy rescuing people. He then explained to the poor misinformed, and overly emotional, Solidad that the placement of resources was at the direction of the Mayor and Governor. They had not told FEMA about the need to move supplies to those areas. Solidad, never one to miss an opportunity to stick her foot further down her throat, asked how could that be when the Mayor was weeping on CNN last night.

Solidad, they were rescuing people – not watching your little CNN.

Then I watched footage of rescues be shot by reporters in the helicopters and it hit me! Those camera and reporter crews take up space on those ferries to salvation. For a prime time film clip CNN and others were taking rides and denying some poor person a seat to safety.

The gall of these people. CNN should also sink into oblivion as a result of Katrina.


I saw a second CNN report with a reporter and cameraman on one of those swamp boats (that use an airplane propellar on the back). They went into a neighborhood and found 15 people, many of them children, in need of evacuation. They were directed to this group by an elderly lady who told them to come back tomorrow and get her in the morning- just get the women and children out.

Did this CNN reporter with the perfect hair, and his cameraman, get out of the boat and give the people stranded for four days their spot and miss their deadline? Nope. They did not make room for A SINGLE PERSON! Hypocrites.


And now I see why Bush is going to most likely federalize the effort there – it is a disaster where the effort is to simply play to the cameras.

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  1. Disaster Relief is Not an Easy Task

    Let me put it this way: Four days to get help on the scene in a disaster of this magnitude is pretty damn good. No, not perfect, but damn good. Before you flame me, I worked it with the Army for Hugo and Andrew – unlike Eleanor, I know what I’m talki…

  2. bill says:

    They are called air boats and they are about the only thing that works in this case. Why? because a prop boat is going to rip off the prop on a street sign or car roof. If you damage the underwater prop you will likely destroy the engine quickly unless you fix the prop. The air boats have no underwater protrusions. Air boats are used in the swamps for a similar reason, mud banks, rocks and logs being the enemy that needs to be avoided.

    Whe you conside the scope of the disaster, it is amazing what is getting done in just a few days. The city of NO had plenty of time to get people out, they just were incompetent.