Sep 18 2005

Possible Attack on US AW Flight 17

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Michelle has learned that the incident was a flock of birds triggering the missile detection system. Nice to know the planes have missile detection systems on them!


There is nothing confirmed, but lots of rumors floating around the net of some kind of missile attack on a US domestic flight America West 17 out of New York City last Thursday. Michelle Malkin has the round up. I post this news to let people know of the event – not that it has been confirmed. But something did happen that day. What happened is still to be resolved. More commentary on this evolving story at Captain’s Quarters.

Stay tuned.

Some good insight on this subject at Mac’s Mind – and his mind is always sharp.

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  4. Dick Tuck says:

    This is another example of how careless Malkin and many in the blogosphere are. All it took was a simple phone call to find out that the story was bogus, but she printed it first and called later. This simply confirms how much the right want to keep Americans in a state of fear for a political end.