Nov 14 2005

The Left’s Lies: Big Shrug?

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How could I forget about Massey Mess that Michelle has been following [slaps forehead really hard]! The example which best shows the media’s gullibility when a story feeds their most ardent fantasies (e.g., Rathergate and Mape’s drooling over forgeries]. Today some in the media pull back from the Massey mess – but is it too little too late for the industry?


What a weekend for misinformation! Powerline takes on Mary Mapes on Reliable Sources (low hanging fruit)


There are a series of great posts out shooting Democrat/Media fish in their proverbial barrels. The most linked is this Sweetness & Light catch on Tim Russert flagrantly twisting words and misleading the public.

Tom Maguire just shreds David Shuster of NBC on his exploitation of the English language and misuse of the public airwaves by confusing news with fiction. TM uses Russert and the NY Times as his shredder – adding even more fun to the mix.

Seixon does a number on Shuster as well. Not like the poor bastard didn’t deserve dueling fisking from both sides of the Atlantice!

Ed Morrisey takes out Sen Jay Rockefeller using his own words to show how the Senator sold partisan propaganda to an enemy rogue state. There is nothing like sending a contrary message to a neighboring dictator when heading into war that might signal that dictator to resist us. Possibly leading that dictator to support an insurgency and kill our men and women in theatre.

Lorie Byrd pounds Chris Mathews for making up Bush statements out of thin air. Recall Bush promising lower gas prices if we invade Iraq? Me neither.

And all this in one weekend! But democrats and the media hyping, spinning and out right lying is not news. So I doubt the media will give it much play. It needs to hit a critical mass. And if this is not it, then what does it take?


Geez, I might as well join the fun. My weekend shocker was Steve Roberts on (Un)Reliable Sources. Kurtz wanted to know if the leaking of CIA interrogation centers was the right thing to do. Mr. Cokie Roberts demonstrated the shear arrogance and idiocy that makes the average person want to dethrone the fourth estate. Roberts claims the story should be leaked because the news was important to Americans! Actually, the news is just important to jaded biased liberal reporters who pine for the days when their views interested people. The fourth estate cannot be allowed to determine what classified information can be illegally leaked. Not now and not ever. Hang the people who put our CIA agents in jeopardy.

Maybe I will start the Carnival Of Lefty Lies? What do you folks think? I am afraid it might over lap with Rick Moran’s Carnival of the Clueless.

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  1. The Lies Of Jimmy Massey, Part II

    They hate Bush so much that they will run with anything at all that makes him look bad. But now they will apologize when they get caught.

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