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Aug 17 2006

Goodbye Ned, Welcome Back Joe

It seems Ned Lamont has had his moment and will soon be an asterisk in the history books. The latest poll from Quinnipiac shows Lieberman with over 50% in a three-way race and ahead of Lamont by 12%. I feel for Alan Schlessinger – the Rep candidate. From what I have seen he is pretty […]

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Aug 15 2006

Dems Ready To Punish Lieberman Into GOP

What would be worse than Lieberman beating Lamont in November – as seems likely? The Dems throwing such a fit they strip Lieberman of his seniority and chasing him right into the GOP caucus. – As reader Merlin points out this action was demanded by Kos right after the primary. Who says the Dems aren’t […]

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Aug 15 2006

Lamont Shaken And Worried

Lamont is still shaking from the drubbing he took in the initial days of his campaign where he promised not to reach out at all to moderates and independents (just has his netroots followers would demand). The NY Times is preparing to run a story tonight or tomorrow morning saying Lamont is shaking up his […]

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Aug 15 2006

Lamont’s Family Tree Leans Way Left

Seems Ned Lamont is the product of generations of socialists and communist sympathasizers.That explains his desire to see America to surrender. (H/T Ace of Spades). Update: Seems father Ted has a book out on his life in case someone is interested in gaining insights into the Lamont family. Here is a review from Amazon that […]

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Aug 14 2006

Follow The Money – Lieberman Will Win

MSNBC is reporting a consensus among many political watchers that Joe Lieberman is going to have plenty of donations to fund his compaign against Lamont. For one, the pro-Israel lobby will probably do whatever it takes to defeat Lamont and his far left crowd who will want the US to withdrawl from Iraq and from […]

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Aug 14 2006

Who Hacked Lieberman?

There is a lot of fun speculation running around about who was responsible for the DoS attack on the Lieberman campaign site right before the elections. In this interesting note on NRO, the Lame-ont campaign is ready to sue for false charges: Democratic Nominee Ned Lamont’s campaign today demanded an apology for false accusations that […]

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Aug 13 2006

Impeaching Bush Is Election Issue

I predicted back in the winter that the far left was so frustrated, so angry, so fed up that Impeaching Bush was the core issue for the election this fall. Iraq, Katrina, Oil prices were all evidence for the grand scheme.

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Aug 13 2006

UK Airline Plot And Lamont: A United America

Some articles today (H/T RCP) are showing how the Lamont debacle is going to impact the Democrats given the news of the massive airline terror plot that was stopped in the UK and the fact more terrorists are still out there. The first article is a clear headed discussion on the polarization of the two […]

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Aug 11 2006

America’s Kadima Starts

“Kadima” is the name of the centrist party Ariel Sharon created in Israel to push the polarizing ends of the spectrum off the political map so things could get done. Joe Leiberman is now also starting that process: He seized on the terrorist plot in Britain to criticize Lamont’s opposition to the war in Iraq. […]

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Aug 09 2006

The Lieberman Loss

Sorry folks, but meetings take priority so blogging will remain light for another day or two. Joe Lieberman lost his primary in a very close race which illustrates the schism that is going to be front and center in this year’s elections. On one side of this divide are the democrats who remain strongly pro-US […]

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