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Nov 02 2012

More Indicators Of A Romney Wave

As a follow up to yesterday’s brief post (traveling again!) I was going to note a strange missing element to this cycle’s swing state debate: Missouri Where did the Show Me State go? I can remember a presidential race where MO was consider the bell-weather. See here from circa 2008: Stuart Rothenberg, editor and publisher […]

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Oct 31 2012

State Polls Trending Towards National Polls & Romney Win

Update 3: The folks over at Powerline rip Quinnipiac and their mind boggling fictional turnout model: discount the Quinnipiac results, however, because its sample consists of 35 percent Democrats and 28 percent Republicans. That’s a better split for the Dems than they enjoyed in 2008. There is little reason to believe that the Democrats will […]

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Oct 30 2012

Obama’s Firewall A Sad PR Myth

The reality of the last 4 years of the Obama administration is starting to come crashing down on the left wing echo chambers in DC, NY and San Francisco. Obama’s firewall of swing states is folding like a domino set made of cheap lawn chairs. It is so bad warning signs are flaring up in […]

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Oct 25 2012

Poll Trends: Obama Fades As Romney Rises

When I look at polls-of-polls that throw everything into the ‘snapshot’, or ridiculously precise models using data that has enormous error bars, I am reminded( as any good aerospace engineer is) that precision is not always a sound goal. It is at times more important (and defensible) to  understand trends and envelopes and not waste […]

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Oct 23 2012

Obama’s Snark Cost Him Virginia, and Probably Colorado

Update: I really like this post at Hot Air on the multidimensional screw up this incident really is. Update: Breitbart also notes the damage Obama did in VA (H/T Hot Air) Update: Someone from across the pond (in the UK) saw it the same way I did: Well, governor, we also have fewer horses and […]

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Oct 22 2012

Live Blogging Final 2012 Presidential Debate

The Battle in Boca! If I had to make a prediction before things get going I would say I expect the best Obama can do is come to another draw, and not stop the current trajectory of this race. The worst he can do is implode over Benghazi and the lack of enhancing security after: […]

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Oct 21 2012

Obama Entering The Incumbent Danger Zone

Update: Another poll out with Obama at 47% – end update One reason I feel confident Romney will win this year is the poll standing for Obama. As I have posted many times, Obama seems to have hit a ceiling and is now highly likely to lose on November 6. While some focus on the […]

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Oct 19 2012

2012 Election: Brought To You By The Letter “O” And The Number “16,000,000,000,000

Update: Math error in this rushed post this morning. It is not $5m per person, but $50K. Fixed the math – still too much to afford. – end update I have to admit, the Alfred E Smith speeches by both candidates last night were fun. And I actually think Obama had the slightly smoother delivery. […]

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Oct 18 2012

Obama Augering In?

We may be seeing the beginning of a harmonic resonance (or feedback loop) where a tipping point has been hit that builds upon itself and sends this race to one side. And that is the ever more depressing Gallup poll results (if you are a Democrat, Liberal and/or Obama support). Today (10/18/12) Romney leads 52-45% […]

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Oct 17 2012

Death Threats Against Romney By Obama Supporters As Telling As Disturbing

Queue the lunatic fringe and Occupy Wall Street nuts: As we reported yesterday, in addition to threats by Obama supporters to riot if Romney wins, innumerable Twitter users are also making direct death threats against Romney. The primary reason given for Obama supporters wanting to see Romney dead is the fear that he will take away […]

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