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Aug 06 2006

Hezbollah And Syria Refuse Ceasefire Opportunity

As I wrote yesterday, and many times before, the conflict in the ME is not nearing any kind of end because the radical Islamo Fascists have no intention of backing down. This can be seen in all the needless wrangling in the ceasefire details and recent rejection of the UN compromise by Hezbollah and Syria. […]

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Aug 06 2006

Reuters Pulls Beirut Air Strike Doctored Photos!

My is off to EF Referendum, Little Green Footballs and all the other bloggers who noted all the inconsistencies in the photos and stories eminating from the Qana incident last week. While that story is still under doubt, Reuters is announcing the pull back of photos of an air strike in Beirut, which had been […]

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Aug 05 2006

Qana Deaths From Hezbollah IED?

Many the blogosphere were pilloried, if not ignored, when we starting seeing problems in photos and times and statements regarding the Qana incident. Early news reports said 60 people died when a Israeli missile hit a 4 story building in the center of Qana early in the morning. Later we learned the Israeli attacks were […]

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Aug 05 2006

Hezbollah Gone Too Far?

Has Hezbollah’s crass propaganda efforts finally been too much for the liberal organizations and media? Has these liberal groups finally had enough of blaming Israel and the West for the carnage of civilian casualties? Well, one edict does not a sea change make – but we shall see.

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Aug 05 2006

Hezbollah Well Armed, And Losing

From news reports Hezbollah is well armed with anti-tank missiles as well as long range missiles, admittedly supplied by Iran and probably with Syrian assistance. And yet Hezbollah is still getting pounded into the ground. The first link above has a quote from a military expert which sums it up well: “To the best of […]

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Aug 04 2006

Israel May Not Be Target Of Hezbollah

I had been hoping this would not happen, but the Shia in Iraq may be mobilizing support for Hezbollah. Tens of thousands of Shi’ite youths covered in white shrouds gathered Friday in Iraq’s capital for a pro-Hizbullah rally as senior US generals warned that spiraling sectarian violence in Baghdad could lead to civil war. This […]

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Aug 03 2006

Qana-Man A Mortician From Tyre!

Major Update: Taking a hint from reader Kokok below I tried variations of the name and hit on Abu Chadi in a Lebonese paper which also identifies him as the mortician of Tyre: The first, named Ibn Zahra (son of Zahra) by a mortician at Tyre’s governmental hospital, was born prematurely in the back seat […]

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Aug 03 2006

Qana, Casualty Of War

We now are getting a clear picture of Qana – one that makes it sadly unremarkable in the context of battle. Intelligence clearly indicated days of Hebollah activity in and around the village. The IDF dropped leaflets warning civilians to leave the area because Hezbollah’s activities had made it a military target. Israeli intelligence targetted […]

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Aug 03 2006

America Stands With Israel, Jews Dumping Dems

Amazingly, after days of over-the-top misreporting on the Qana incident the American people have once again demonstrated a resiliancy to media mayhem. The media’s credibility is pretty shot in this country, so hyperventilating stories laced with insults tend to increase skepticism, not reduce it. The LA Times is reporting a poll that demonstrates this theory […]

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Aug 03 2006

Hezbollah’s PR Lies Catching Up To Them

Everyone worries that Hezbollah is going to come out of the current conflict the winner in some strange twist of PR that makes a military route a loss for the side that did the routing. Pure fantasy. Their simply are a lot of people in the international media who are rooting for the underdog and […]

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