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Nov 15 2008

‘True’ Conservatives are Truly Clueless

I was trying to write a post on man-made global warming, the fact it has been proven to be a myth and the enormous financial damage the liberals are going to do on a global scale chasing a fool’s errand, when I came across another one of those examples of a far right conservative who […]

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Nov 10 2008

Can Conservatism Regain Mainstream Support?

For all those who want to ‘reclaim’ conservatism let me give you a little hint – there is no need to ‘claim’ something people are rejecting at the voting booth. Obama won this election because something has soured the mood of the moderate conservatives and the optimistic youth (remember those days folks, where anything was […]

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Jul 14 2008

Obama Claims America Terrorizes Illegal Immigrants

Boy, if you want to lose an election in the United States of America the best way I have seen is to take the ludicrous position that America terrorizes those who have illegally entered or stayed in this country: When communities are terrorized by ICE immigration raids, when nursing mothers are torn from their babies, […]

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Jul 01 2008

America May Tune Out This Election

I am getting the feeling this country is at a breaking point with hyper-partisan dribble. I know I am. Not everyone is worked up to a fevered pitch, but those who are too many times run on a nasty combination of arrogance and ignorance. Needless to say they are also running low on respect and […]

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May 23 2008

The Fight Over The Future Of Conservatism And The GOP Is On

See Update Below Well, it started back in 2006 when Bush nominated ex-democrat (wasn’t Reagan an ex-dem?) Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court and the far right went ape.  The far right rose up again on Dubai Ports World’s selection to run some US docks.  Even though the UAE, home of DPW, hosts the largest […]

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May 14 2008

Another GOP “True Conservative” & “Amnesty Hypochondriac” Bites The Dust

The fall out from the purity wars launched by the far right in the GOP continues to rack up successes – for the Democrats. In a major blow to national Republicans, a Mississippi congressional seat that once voted for President Bush by a twenty-five point margin elected a Democrat on Tuesday. Prentiss County Chancery Clerk […]

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May 11 2008

WSJ Agrees 2008 Is The Year Of The Centrist

Hyper partisanship is out. The American people, who largely do not obsess about politics, is fed up with those who do obsess to the point there is no answer they will accept on any issue – except the answer of the extremes. The liberals tasted this in 2006 with the Ned Lamont (far left) and […]

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May 08 2008

2008 – The Year Of The Centrists

As a conservative independent I of course like to view the world through my only lens of preferences, but I think it is safe to say I have my biases fairly well checked when I claim this year Americans are heading away from the hyper-partisan fringes, weary of nearly 3 decades of hyper-partisan rancor and […]

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Apr 19 2008

Michelle Malkin Balks At Her Own Handy Work

It is rare when I take on the far right. It is usually a waste of time since they refuse to listen and then I get a bunch of blow back for daring to point out their mistakes. But I am a glutton for punishment, and I have to point out things that are just […]

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Mar 14 2008

As Expected: Tancredo Too Radical Even For His Own District

I had my suspicions that Tancredo left Congress because he was too much of an immigration hypochondriac for even his own district. Seems I was right: Colorado’s 6th Congressional District is the pulsing heart of state Republicans’ anger over illegal immigration. This is the political home from which Rep. Tom Tancredo launched a presidential run […]

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