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Apr 18 2007

To Cho’s Parents

Readers have been commenting on the anguish the parents of Cho Sueng-Hui are going through and it is probably true they are as shocked as anyone, looking for the answer to why their son/brother did this. My heart does go out to them because not only are they asking why, they are probably taking on […]

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Apr 17 2007

Korean Jihadis In Northern Virginia

Cho Seung-Hui, the killer in the VA Tech massacre, grew up in the Northern VA suburbs outside DC. One thing I was trying to find (but in the end long time readerr SBD did find) was any link between the Korean community here in DC and Islamo-Fascism. So while there is no link that Cho […]

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Apr 17 2007

The Mind Of A Murderer

A glimpse into the mind of Cho Seung-Hui through his writings in ‘creative writing class’ sheds some light on his views and thoughts. First is his one act play called “Richard McBeef” and clearly some negative feelings about Catholics and Entertainers/Hollywood. The seen is a stepfather trying to have a talk with his new stepson […]

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Apr 17 2007

Definitely Premeditated

It seems Cho posted a warning up yesterday morning warning of his acts to come: According to school officials, Cho even had time to post a deadly warning on a school online forum. “im going to kill people at vtech today,” they said he wrote. OK, definitely premeditated. So what was his motive? If it […]

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Apr 17 2007

“Ismail’s Ax”?

We may have to go back to the question of religious motivations with the killer at VA Tech. Thanks to commentors here and other bloggers it seems there is a connection to Ismail and the descendants of the Arabs versus Isaac and the descendants of Judaism. Here is something I found of interest: The narrative […]

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Apr 17 2007

Copycats To VA Tech Massacre?

There are, sadly as expected, now a rash of threats against schools across this country. Campus threats forced lock-downs and evacuations at universities in Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee and two public schools in Louisiana on Tuesday, a day after a Virginia Tech student’s shooting rampage killed 33 people. In Louisiana, parents picked up hundreds of […]

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Apr 17 2007

The Writings Of A Madman

The Smoking Gun has obtained a one act play by the clearly disturbed Cho who is now infamous for the VA Tech Massacre. More later on this subject, right now I am listening to the memorial service and would rather not pollute the mood with this person’s mad ramblings. H/T Captain Ed Morrissey

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Apr 17 2007

Proud Of My State, My Govnernor, My President

The VA Tech Memorial held today was an amazing and uplifting event. My hat goes off to a man who I did not hold in high esteem, until today. Tim Kaine delivered an awesome and inspiring speech today. He discussed the sense of community, the sorrow, the anger and the despair – and he offered […]

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Apr 17 2007

Massacre Details

Reader SallyVee points us to some extremely detailed articles on the killer and his first two victims. The first article has a lot about the morning incident and the victimes – including pictures. Looking into the eyes of the young lady killed is like looking into my 22 year daughter’s eyes. It seems Cho has […]

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Apr 17 2007

Shooter Identified – He Left A Note

Word is leaking out that the shooter in the VA Tech Massacre was a 23 year old Korean: Police identified the shooter as Cho Seung-Hui, 23, a senior from South Korea who was in the English department at Virginia Tech and lived on campus. Seniors can have access to quite large and expansive dorm rooms, […]

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