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Mar 28 2007

Insurgents Win One

al Qaeda won a victory in the Iraqi city of Tal Afar, or they may have had help from Iranian backed Shiite Militia elements – hard to tell. But either way they won one: Shiite militants and police officers enraged by deadly truck bombings this week in the northwestern town of Tal Afar went on […]

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Mar 28 2007

al Qaeda Brings Saddam-Like Brutality To The Sunnis In Iraq

al Qaeda must be on its last legs in Iraq given the insane tactics they are now trying to employ. It seems it is al Qaeda now against all of Iraq – Sunnis especially: Attackers killed a prominent member of an Iraqi tribe that had taken a stand against Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, and in […]

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Mar 28 2007

Russians To London On Litvinenko Case

The investigation into Alexander Litvinenko’s has gone incredibly quiet of late. The British side of the investigation was continued as prosecutors went back to police and asked for more details. One of the very few interesting details to come out is the number of people who ‘came in contact’ with the deadly element Polonium 210. […]

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