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Oct 08 2007

al Qaeda’s Self Destruction In Iraq Is About Complete

I have been posting for over 9 months al-Qaeda’s days were numbered because it had turned on the Iraqis, and their brutality and violence would chase Iraq into our sphere and create a massive backlash against them. The more they lost their grip on Iraq due to their violent, Islam Fascist nature – I predicted […]

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Oct 08 2007

Pak-Afghan Tribal Areas Heating Up, UK Preparing Largest Paratrooper Force Since WW II

As I predicted, now that Musharraf has a landslide win as President (making a judicial branch overturn very improbable) we see the area where al Qaeda and Taliban Islamo Fascists have been swarming in recent months starting to see a lot of action. Since the election of Musharraf the fighting in Pakistan’s tribal regions has […]

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Oct 08 2007

Fly By 10/08/07

On the road with the family enjoying a day of rollercoasters at Busch Gardens Williamsburg for LJStrata’s annual birthday bash – with a dash of fast. Take if from all of us, ride the Griffon. Totally wicked. The youngest finally got to do Lochness Monster and are on their way to becoming coaster addicts like […]

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