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Jan 06 2008

Questions To America – What Is It You Want Changed?

America is fed up with DC politics and wants change. They clearly are heading away from the partisan fringes and looking at someone who “Unites” instead of “Purifies”. With Hillary now defeat-able and Obama rising America is just now trying to work out where to go in 2008. I suggest they begin by ignoring the […]

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Jan 06 2008

Obama Pulls An al-Gore

Yes, that is a deliberate typo on “al-Gore”. Combining the propaganda BS of a Baghdad Bob (which the SurrenderMedia just couldn’t stop believing or reporting) with the ability to exaggerate and self-fantasize, Barrack Obama has pulled one of the dumbest al-Gore stunts I have ever seen (H/T Lori Byrd) I wasn’t going to post anything […]

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Jan 06 2008

End Game In Pakistan?

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I have two posts up already on what could be brewing in Pakistan (here and here). But reader Crosspatch has found what I call definitive evidence that al-Qaeda and the hard core Taliban are facing the end game in South Waziristan Agency in Pakistan: A large-scale military operation is on cards in the restive tribal […]

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Jan 06 2008

UK Confirms al-Qaeda Behind Bhutto Assassination, US Looks At Covert Ops In Pakistan

In what should be shocking news the UK authorities investigating Benazir Bhutto’s killing have confirmed the intercept of a phone call, in which an extremist leader in Pakistan admits his people did the deed, is authentic. The government is sticking to its assertion that the assassination was ordered by Baitullah Mehsud, an Islamic militant with […]

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