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May 13 2008

The Post-Basra Realities On Iraq

There is a must read article on the power struggle playing out between Shiite PM of Iraq Maliki and the Sadrists Shiite block, which clearly is a puppet of Iran – according to this author: Even the most diehard Iraq hawks want to reduce the U.S. military footprint in Iraq and lean more heavily on […]

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May 13 2008

FIS Court To Determine Legal Status Of Telecom Law Suits?

Here is an interesting development in the FIS debacle: the FIS Court will be the one to decide if the surveillance they authorized the Telecom companies to embark on opens them up to civil suits: Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.), vice chairman of the Intelligence Committee, said the White House seems willing to let the FISA […]

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May 13 2008

Will Clinton Stay In After Her Romp In West-By-Golly?

Hillary Clinton is going to clean Barack Obama’s clock in West Virginia today, so what will that bring us? If I were Hillary I would stay in at least until the last primaries to show respect for the voters – something the Democrats panicking over the primary battle are afraid to do. It would give […]

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May 13 2008

More Proof The Sadrists And Moqtada al-Sadr Have No Control Over Mahdi Fighters

The four day ‘truce’ brokered by the Shiite Sadrists, the only remaining faction still fighting in Iraq, meant to stop the fighting in the Sadr City area of Baghdad has failed – indicating Sadr and his Sadrist movement in Iraq have no control over the Iranian trained and armed thugs trying to destabilize the democratically […]

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