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Aug 30 2013

Why Some Lame Ducks Are Dangerous

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Update: Ed Morrissey catches a sad historic note on all this: Obama’s inexperience and an off-the-cuff comments seem to have the leader of the free world stuck on dangerous. Sorry, but the President should be able to fix a misstatement without going to war – end update A lot of second term US President begin […]

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Aug 29 2013

What Does Egypt’s Unrest Signal?

Before I address  the issues in Syria and America’s foolish war drums, I want to focus back on the spark that started much of the unrest and turmoil in the Arab/Muslim world: Egypt. The turmoil in Egypt has been intriguing me for some time, mainly because it looks a lot like the pivotal event many […]

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Aug 08 2013

ObamaCare: A Liberal Debacle For The Ages

As a small business owner – and joint head of a family of 6 – the disaster that is ObamaCare is truly stunning.  As business owners we are lucky to have much more flexibility than most people. We decide on the price point we will spend as a company verses an employee (we are both […]

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