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Nov 10 2009

The Twisted Story Of The Hasan Massacre – Liberalism Run Amok

In the previous post I speculated that someone put an end to the investigation of Major Hasan once he hit the intelligence trip wires in December – and into 2009. Another ‘theme’ is hitting all the news outlets, which could be a coordinated PR effort by some folks who might be at the epicenter of […]

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Nov 09 2009

Fort Hood: Portrait Of An American Hero, A Traitor & Possible Bureaucratic Incompetence

Updates Below! I have holding off on posting on the Fort Hood Massacre by an Islamist Terrorist because I wanted to make sure I was on working with some reasonably stable information. First off, anyone who targets Muslims i general over this incident are not only dumb, they are doing al Qaeda’s wishes by building […]

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Sep 22 2009

When Do We Use Water Boarding On Najibullah Zazi?

Major Update 8:15 AM, 9/23/09: Damn, I was hoping I might not be right on the multiple, independent cell strategy I outlines below, and why it will take time to actually stop all the attackers. But some news out today confirms my fears: The investigation indicated that three distinct teams of men may have been […]

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Aug 08 2009

Naive Obama Administration Caught In Legal Trap By Spying On Americans

It is interesting around DC when the next round of neophytes come into town pretending to be Gods. I vaguely remember Reagan’s crowd, they seemed confident but professional. The administration of Bush the Elder was just a continuation of Reagan’s teams and goals so there was an unusually long period where things did not change […]

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May 21 2009

Why We Needed FISA Reform After 9-11

Some interesting news came out today regarding a home grown terrorist plot to kill hundreds of innocent people: Four New York men were arrested Wednesday in connection with an alleged plot to blow up area Jewish centers and military targets. The plot, however, was foiled by undercover agents.           Raids by the FBI-NYPD Joint Terrorist Task […]

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Apr 23 2009

Worth More Than The FBI, CIA And NSA Put Together

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  “Worth More Than The FBI, CIA And NSA Put Together” – this being the program of enhanced interrogation used for only 2 years right after 9-11. So says the then head of the CIA George Tenet, who was selected for his position by Bill Clinton. All of this comes from an eye popping article […]

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Apr 20 2009

Rep Harman (D) Caught On FIS Court Approved Wire Tap – Drama Queen Updates

Major Update: Seems the CQ Story is falling apart as the NY Times denies ever talking to Harman regarding the NSA-FISA story. Where there is one error, there are probably others.  – end update Drama Queen Update Below Well, before the drama queens on the left go ape over supposed spying on Americans and Democrats […]

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Apr 07 2009

A Good Day In Iraq For President Obama

President Obama has always had the opportunity to really shine. Our country gives a lot of deference to the person sitting as Command-in-Chief (rightfully so). I am really glad to see two things on Drudge today and want to memorialize them as a good day for President Obama. The first is this heart warming picture […]

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Jan 15 2009

Finally! Top Federal Court Vindicates Bush On FISA-NSA

Final Comment: A lot of delusional liberals keep trying to claim this ruling means little. It is quite hilarious to watch a lot of people with law degrees miss the major points of the case. They seem to think if they ignore the main thrust on focus on irrelevant details there is an argument to […]

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Jan 05 2009

Obama Going To Govern A Lot Like Bush?

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If current trends continue President-Elect Obama is going to really screw with the far left and far right in this country – and perhaps retain a strong centrist base from which to execute two terms in office. Right now Obama is really defying many of claims he will govern as an extreme liberal, defanging the […]

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