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May 24 2009

Actions Speak Louder Than Words Ms. Speaker

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Well, we can all now clearly see how the recent – behind close doors – Congressional ‘investigation’ of the CIA briefings on enhanced interrogation went. Democrats are scrambling to end the discussion and move on before any more details come out: Pelosi and leading Republicans have asked for the briefing memos to be declassified, each […]

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May 16 2009

Pelosi Is A Foolish Fibber

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It is hard to believe such an incompetent person is 3rd in line for the Presidency, but here again we have Nancy (“I’m Am Not A Torture Supporter”) Pelosi making an incredible fool of herself. She went out on a high voltage limb yesterday when she claimed the CIA was lying (misleading)to Congress on water […]

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May 14 2009

Truth Commission’s First Victim: Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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Below is the disastrous Pelosi press briefing where her speakership may have possibly come to an ugly end. In this briefing she first tries to claim to shore up her ridiculous claim she was not informed (directly or by staff attending direct briefings) that water boarding and other enhanced interrogation methods had been used on […]

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May 13 2009

Pelosi In Serious Trouble, Her Staff Confirms Her Knowledge of Water Boarding

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As I posted yesterday, Pelosi is in serious trouble over what she knew and when regarding water boarding of al Qaeda members and their turning evidence that stopped attacks. Now it is being leaked that her staff (who would be briefed in her absence as her representation) did keep her informed: A source close to […]

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May 12 2009

Pelosi To Be Investigated Over Water Boarding

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Update: Oh pulleeaze! The liberal Democrats who wanted a witch hunt into the CIA and its interrogation efforts to save this country from attack should have known they were treading on thin ice AND would pay a huge price for being wrong if America sided with the CIA and President Bush. Now the Dems are […]

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May 10 2009

Pelosi’s Lies On Extreme Interrogation Getting Extremely Lame

Nancy Pelosi is not stupid. She is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, fourth in line to lead this nation. But lately, she either wants America to think she is a few shades away from the Hollywood classical dumb blonde, or she thinks Americans are too slow to figure out she knew and condoned […]

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Jan 13 2009

As Israel Fights Terrorists, Obama Plans To Free Terrorists

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Obama has so far been a major disappointment to the radical left. He has selected a lot of centrist democrats, has left the major players in place at the Pentagon and is dumping his radical liberal policies in the face of a serious economic crisis (even to the point of proposing massive tax cuts). Very […]

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