Oct 09 2016

Vast Majority In ABC Poll Want Trump To Stay In Race

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OK, this poll really stunned me. I knew the media’s big ‘sleaze gun’ misfired, but this is a pretty amazing poll result. Of course, the ABC News headline screams:

43 Percent Of Americans Say Trump Should Withdraw From Presidential Race

Given the headline, I was expecting the ‘Trump stay’ tally to be less than 43% with ‘no opinion’ making up the difference. But that is not what I found – 57% say he should stay in!

Now it could be a large swath of the 57% wanting Trump to stay are  happy Clinton supporters – but I doubt it.  And I know Bill Kristol and other #NeverTrump idjits are going to land in the 43% side.

So what is going on here? How is it nearly 60% of those polled are not buying into the political elite’s game plan?

The other question in the poll (does it make you more or less likely to voter for him) shows completely opposite results.

It seems to me if this is accurate, Hillary’s high-water mark in the voting could be mid-to-low 40’s.

This could be a peek at what will happen in November, when the protest votes for the 3rd party candidates wither (as they always do) and voters make a choice. Could Trump be in better shape than the polls and pundits think? My guess is this poll did not have a “likely voter” turnout filter that would “adjust” the results.



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Oct 09 2016

Our Battle For Our Nation Finally Begins – Trump Defiant!


The Political Industrial Complex* (PIC) brought out their big ‘sleaze guns’ and took their best shot at Donald Trump. As I posted earlier,  other candidates from outside the PIC have similarly been challenged, and they were chased out of their elections (see Herman Cain for President). The ‘news media’ – the propaganda arm of the PIC that protects its denizens from real elections – dug through their hot mic archives to magically try and save Hillary Clinton.

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air stated it well:

Now we are expected to believe that only then, after nearly two years of Trump blossoming on the political stage, somebody at the sprawling behemoth of NBC Universal woke up from a nap during a staff meeting and said, “Hey. Wait a minute, now. Didn’t we have about a bazillion interviews with this Trump fellow on Access Hollywood and other celebrity related programming where he was saying all sorts of goofy and potentially damaging stuff? And didn’t he do the Stern show a million times and talk about all sorts of pornographic, filthy stuff about strippers and what have you? Do you think we still have any of that lying around? Maybe it’s worth taking a look!


The denizens of the PIC were so ecstatic! So sure Trump would fold or the GOP would push him out. The GOP side of the PIC ran for the exits in a flurry of prudish pretending. Finally someone stopped Donald Trump!!

Or did they?

One of the biggest frustrations on Main Street is how our elections don’t change the trajectory of a nation well off track. Herman Cain was the “Don’t Tread On Me” candidate in 2012, until he  bowed out in the face of past indiscretions. We were left with PIC denizen Mitt Romney. The Tea Party was going to shake up the PIC with a sea of outsider candidates – but most were taken out by the PIC.

So most voters just turned off and tuned out. If there is no Hope of real Change, why bother.

When the news broke on Trumps trashy guy talk (and this was mild compared to what I have heard over my 56 years) I felt the same old shoe drop – Trump would quit like all the others before him.

But he didn’t. And the first poll out of the gate proves that the PIC’s ‘sleaze gun’ missed its mark.

Overall, fewer than four-in-10 voters — 39 percent — think Trump should end his presidential campaign, while only slightly more voters, 45 percent, think he should not drop out.

Still, Hillary Clinton leads Trump in the four-way race for the White House by four points, 42 percent to 38 percent, with eight percent supporting Gary Johnson, three percent supporting Jill Stein and nine percent undecided. Clinton also leads by four in a two-way race, 45 percent to 41 percent.

That is a 1 point drop since the news broke, which is statistical noise.  Given the Margin of Error in the poll, this should technically be stated as a “no impact yet” in the race.

But something else is brewing. Tonight is the big debate (which it looks like I will miss). It will be Trump playing the outsider, the under dog, the “Cinderella” role. Hillary, will be the old and tired entrenched power.

She is the person who will lead the PIC in stealing a huge slice of everyone’s American Dream (taxes) and forcing us to use the remainder in a way they demand (laws, regulations and policies). If you are fed up sending your hard earned money to the IRS, or are not thrilled with Obamacare, or you work in the coal industry, then you are not supporting Hillary.  And after decades of royally screwing up, Main Street is done with the denizens of the PIC and their sleazy games.

So, if tonight becomes a battle royal, where Trump becomes the champion of “deplorables”, then the PIC’s ‘sleaze gun’ will have misfired and taken the PIC out instead of Trump.

Trump actually will gain support the more he challenges Hillary and the moderators. Just ask Speaker Paul Ryan.

* The Political Industrial Complex encompasses all those elites whose livelihoods are predicated on central-control of resources and who determine who is allowed to succeed in society. It is a bipartisan exclusive club. It includes the Politicians and their career staffers. It includes crony donors and lobbyists who reap government windfalls and special treatment that average citizens cannot obtain. It includes the PIC industrial base of pollsters, consultants, etc. And it includes the pliant news media, whose success rest on access to those in power, and in return for access making sure no bad news will disrupt said power.


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Oct 08 2016

Elites Dive Into The Gutter To Stop Trump

OK,  we now know Donal Trump is a sexually active man who likes to “turn on” the ladies (note he was trash talking, he does not have a Jennifer Flowers or Jaunita Broderick after him). Glad we got through that Earth-shattering news flash. Face it, we are bombarded on TV and in the moves with much worse every day of the year. This will be the biggest dud of an October surprise in history. But it may be the biggest backfire ever.

It is not what Trump said 11 years ago that matters, it is what the Clinton and the Political Industrial Complex* (PIC) said this year that matters most (quote from LJStrata upon hearing the “news”). Think about it, Clinton admitted in private to Wall Street that she lies to the public about her positions, and that she is actually for open borders and global trade.

Every voter in American needs to think about how that Trump recording was preserved, how it came to be released at this moment before the next debate, and how Team Clinton coordinated this little “nothing cloud”. How this happened tells us something very tragic about the modern version of The United States of America.

It used to be that any person from anywhere Main Street could become anything they wanted – including President of the United States. But at some point in the last century that possibility was snuffed out by the Political Industrial Complex. This is not the first time those in power in DC have come after the outsider in the POTUS race. Recall Herman Cain, the prior populist candidate for the GOP:

Herman Cain, the insurgent populist whose candidacy has been ensnared by allegations of sexual impropriety, said Saturday that he is leaving the race for the Republican presidential nomination, saying that the allegations have cast a “cloud of doubt over me and this campaign.”

“As of today, with a lot of prayer and soul searching, I am suspending my presidential campaign,” he said at an event in Atlanta. “I am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distraction, the continued hurt . . . on me, on my family, not because we are not fighters, not because I am not a fighter.”

Emphasis mine. The news media person/organization that had or obtained these youthful indiscretions is not required to make them public. The person who recorded it should have deleted it unless they were going to use if for blackmail. The PIC could squash these disgusting and irrelevant attacks by boycotting anyone who participates in them.

But they do not want to because this is HOW they retain control and power. These attacks are their last defense, they pay good money for people to dig up the smelliest crap they can find.

And let’s be clear hear – this is all coordinated. This year we have hard evidence of the State Department being driven by the Clinton Foundation (see here), Clinton and the DNC coordinating attacks on Bernie Sanders (see here) and the White House controlling the fall out from Clinton’s email server (see here).

The White House actually looks to be a good source for this filth, since it is Obama’s Modis Operandi ever since he got into politics:

John Clemens “Jack” Ryan (born October 6, 1959) is a former investment banker and American politician who was a candidate in the 2004 U.S. Senate race in Illinois. In 2000, he retired as an active partner at Goldman Sachs to teach at Hales Franciscan High School, a private, 4-year Roman Catholichigh school located in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago.

His 2004 campaign for the Senate, against Barack Obama, received widespread media attention for the disclosure of sealed custody documents stemming from his divorce from actress Jeri Ryan. The unsealing of those documents, detailing allegations that Ryan had pressured his wife to perform sexual acts in public, led to Ryan’s withdrawal from the campaign.

Emphasis mine. It must be recalled that both Ryans resisted Obama opening up their divorce papers, and it took a political hack of a judge to get Obama in the senate.

So this is all coordinated mudslinging to try and dupe the voters – who see much worse everyday from the entertainment industry. If we want to break the hold the rich and powerful have over OUR government, we cannot condone this gutter crap and vote for Hillary.

We have to send a signal to the PIC, we may have to vote for Trump just so he can blaze a path for future outsider candidates who made their way on Main Street instead of  K Street or Wall Street.

Oh, and to all you spineless, pretend puritans in the GOP running for the exits – don’t let the door hit you on your brain pan on the way out.

* The Political Industrial Complex encompasses all those elites whose livelihoods are predicated on central-control of resources and who determine who is allowed to succeed in society. It is a bipartisan exclusive club. It includes the Politicians and their career staffers. It includes crony donors and lobbyists who reap government windfalls and special treatment that average citizens cannot obtain. It includes the PIC industrial base of pollsters, consultants, etc. And it includes the pliant news media, whose success rest on access to those in power, and in return for access making sure no bad news will disrupt said power.

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Oct 07 2016

Oh How The “Stupid” Burns!!


We know the “News” media will do or say anything to prop up poor Hillary. But recently we have had a spate of such moronic commentary it actually is burning my brain. I happen to be one of those quasi rocket scientists who has worked on little things like NASA’s Space Station (just to name one). I have also worked on science missions observing the Earth and I know there is very little consensus on what level of warming there is and its causes. So when an Obama-fanboy reporter comes out and just drools all over his hero, it is just too painful to watch:

Allen was glamoured by Obama’s ability to give the speech at such a crucial time in catastrophic weather history.

“It’s very interesting that this is happening a day when there’s a hurricane bearing down on the United States and in the Caribbean because these severe storms, beach erosions, intense weather episodes that we’ve had is perhaps the most practical sample of what the president was talking about as the threat that the planet faces,” he said.  “This is what this whole climate agreement… is designed to stop.”

And Obama will make the waters recede as well!



Good Lord, has the drooling stopped yet? But of course, this is NOT a coincidence that a major hurricane is finally hitting the US (after 4,000 days) and Obama has a speech on Global Warming.  He has been waiting 8 years for this moment to tout the elitist cover-story to control the world’s energy.

Of course, Hillary also cannot stand by and miss out on the perfect human tragedy:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign scrambled Thursday to quell charges that the Democratic presidential nominee was exploiting Hurricane Matthew for political gain, as they put on hold TV ads running on the Weather Channel that appeared timed to coincide with the storm hitting swing-state Florida.

Following sharp criticism from Republicans that the TV ads were opportunistic and insensitive to the destruction and suffering expected from the Category 4 hurricane, the Clinton campaign postponed the ads just as the five-day $63,000 ad buy began to air on the Weather Channel.

If not for the GOP criticism, the political hack deep inside “Her” would have merrily used this moment to gain the power she has craved her entire life.

Look, we don’t know enough about Mother Nature to understand if we live in a unique climate or not.  The long term record, spanning beyond humanity’s short stint on Earth, indicates if anything we are living in a relatively cold period with very low CO2 levels.

This image shows the last 5,00 years as recorded in the Greenland Ice Sheet (note: this is Northern Hemisphere between Europe and America so a good, neutral indicator). As can be seen we do NOT live in the warmest period of all time, let alone the last 5,00 years (see here for the actual scientific paper).

Figure 1. The past 5,000 years of the GISP2 temperature history of the Greenland Ice Sheet, adapted from Drake (2012), who denoted the general locations of the Late Bronze Age (LBA), the Roman Warm Period (RWP) and the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) in their original work.

It is telling that Obama had to wait nearly his entire term for a major hurricane to hit so he could have in media moment. Must have been so frustrating for him. But while the climate is not warming, damn does the “stupid” burn!

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Oct 04 2016

What Kind Of Genius Loses $9 Trillion?

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Hillary Clinton just asked the dumbest question a Democrat Politician can ask:

What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year?

To which I ask her, what kind of genius loses 9 Trillion Dollars over 4 years?

The answer is obvious – The Political Industrial Complex, led by one Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

And guess who has to pay for it…


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Oct 03 2016

Did The FBI Really Destroy State Department Property?

So, apparently the FBI helped HRC destroy evidence?

House Republicans are demanding to know why Justice Department officials entered into a pair of “side agreement” with Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson — two of Hillary Clinton’s top former aides who went on to become her personal attorneys during the FBI’s email investigation — that allowed law enforcement agents to destroy their laptops after searching their hard drives for evidence.

(emphasis mine) This is completely unethical and probably illegal. Since when does the FBI have the authority to delete State Department Records?

Since never.

One thing was known for sure at the time of this convenient destruction: when the FBI investigated Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson it was clear Congress had put EVERYONE on notice that no records were to be deleted. So let me point out the smoking gun here. If the State Department had deleted the records that would be a blatant cover up.  But would anyone noticed if they FBI did the deletion?

I guess I did.

The laptops were the property of the US Department of State, not the US Department of Justice.  They were covered under federal records law (from 1968, so no one can claim this is new).  The fact is the FBI would normally never destroy evidence.  But it also cannot destroy property that does not belong to it (say a personal computer or car confiscated under warrant).

This is pretty damn clear:


.01 Lawful disposal or removal of records.

a. In accordance with 44 U.S. Code 3301-3314, records are lawfully disposable only if they have been properly included on a Records Disposition Schedule or List that has been approved by the Archivist of the United States and, if necessary, concurred in by the General Accounting Office.

b. In the Department, typically such records disposition authorizations, received from the National Archives and Records Service, are issued to operating unit or staff office records custodians in the form of a Records Control Schedule.

This clearly indicates the only authority that could delete these records (or destroy this evidence) were State Department records custodians, and only after permission from the Archivist of the United States or GAO.

First thing I would do if I was Congress is I would get a copy of all electronic records going back to 2008 from the State Department. Clearly there is something not right there and they need to confiscate everything now.

And then I would begin to pour through all the backups. I would wager every time these folks got a new computer the data from their old computers was stored off. But there are going to be remnants of what was on those destroyed systems elsewhere.

And then I would haul in the FBI leadership and demand to see their permission slips from the USA Archivist or GAO. No permission slip would trigger immediate criminal charges.

Trust me, tongues will begin wagging once that happened!

Update: More here from Fox News – end update

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Oct 02 2016

Three Questions That Can Shape This Election

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Looks like Crooked Hillary, Three Democrat-led State Governments and the “News” Media have conspired to try and distract voters with sophomoric barbs on things that occurred in the LAST CENTURY!

How else to explain the fact that Hillery Clinton demanded Donald Trump release his tax returns during their debate and now – less than  one week later – the NY Times was “mailed” a copy of Trumps 1995 tax returns:

The documents consisted of three pages from what appeared to be Mr. Trump’s 1995 tax returns. The pages were mailed last month to Susanne Craig, a reporter at The Times who has written about Mr. Trump’s finances. The documents were the first page of a New York State resident income tax return, the first page of a New Jersey nonresident tax return and the first page of a Connecticut nonresident tax return.

I.  So, the first question is why would voters care about 20+ year old tax information that was illegally leaked to a news organization with zero ethics? Let me translate the headlines for the denizens of the Political Industrial Complex (PIC): Billionaire Donald Trump is rich.


So are the Clintons – just not as rich. What does this have to do with the road to 2020 in America?

II.  The second lame barb from “Her” is about a former Miss Universe who technically was under contract to one of Donal Trump’s organizations and who put on a little weight – in 1996-97??

Really Hillary?  This is your priority for America over the next 4 years? Illegally obtained and publicized tax returns and a pouting Miss Universe FROM THE LAST CENTURY?

An you wonder why Millennials find your campaign underwhelming?

III.  The 3rd and last question to the denizens of the Poitical Industrial Complex (PIC) and their Queen – Her Majesty Crooked Hillary – is:

Do you really think Americans are so stupid that they will base their vote for POTUS on this insipid prattle?

No need to answer, we can work it out for ourselves where your priorities lie.

To the American People I say this:

If we are tired of morons and crooks running our country we should stop voting like mindless party robots. The news media is feeding us 20 year old stale BS because they think we – the voters – are too stupid to think about anything not in the news. They think if they distract us with this stale crap we will be so mesmerized and impressed we will vote back in the same elitist who destroyed our economy and careers, destroyed our wealth and savings, and forced us to bring in millions of outsiders – many of whom hate America.

I seriously doubt this latest smear-fest by the PIC will work.  I have much more faith in the voters and their intelligence. These barbs represent the kind of gutter crap that as rotted out our world-leading democracy. BTW, did everyone notice all the news media companies supporting a Democrat for the first time in over 100 years? Think these companies were pressured to remember who gives them access to the news that makes them profitable? No access to news no news company. Just saying.

All of these events happened since the first debate last Monday. They are not coincidental or independent.  They represent the PIC fighting back against the rising voter backlash in a coordinated putsch.

Which means this time there may really be “change” we can believe in. The “News” media has lost its facade of independence and representing the people.  The government is all about servings it crony donors and getting a cushy consultant job at the end. The political parties couldn’t speak the truth if their lives depended on it. Our country is rotting from the centralized government out (no, the government IS NOT the leader of this nation – that is Main Street and its vision, relentless energy and ‘can do’ attitude). This year the 90% can contain and redirect the elite 1% who have failed everyone (except their bankers).

Reminder: The Political Industrial Complex encompasses all those elites whose livelihoods are predicated on central-control of resources and who determine who is allowed to succeed in society. It is a bipartisan exclusive club. It includes the Politicians and their career staffers. It includes crony donors and lobbyists who reap government windfalls and special treatment that average citizens cannot obtain. It includes the PIC industrial base of pollsters, consultants, etc. And it includes the pliant news media, whose success rest on access to those in power, and in return for access making sure no bad news will disrupt said power.

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Sep 30 2016

Deepest Denial Of All

Major Update:  As the bellwether’s turn (against Clinton):

Trump now leads in Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio and North Carolina – all states Barack Obama won his first term – according to Real Clear Politics averages.

End Update

This election year is proving to be very angst-driven for the denizens of the Political Industrial Complex (PIC).

The Political Industrial Complex encompasses all those elites whose livelihoods are predicated on central-control of resources and who determine who is allowed to succeed in society. It is a bipartisan exclusive club. It includes the Politicians and their career staffers. It includes crony donors and lobbyists who reap government windfalls and special treatment that average citizens cannot obtain. It includes the PIC industrial base of pollsters, consultants, etc. And it includes the pliant news media, whose success rest on access to those in power, and in return for access making sure no bad news will disrupt said power.

And boy are they shaking in their boots this year over Donald Trump. Which is a great sign if you are in the majority of people who believe this country is on the wrong track, who hold an unfavorable view of government (especially the federal government) and who have lost all respect for the Fourth Estate (“news” media).

The denizens of the PIC have literally (not figuratively) lost it. Check out this deep, long, river of denial from the Gray Lady (NY Times):

After decades as one of America’s most reliable political bellwethers, an inevitable presidential battleground that closely mirrored the mood and makeup of the country, Ohio is suddenly fading in importance this year.

Emphasis mine. I almost spewed my coffee reading this! Ohio has the longest winning streak of any state in terms of indicating which party will win:

Ohio – 2 misses (1944, 1960) from 1896 on (93.3%, slightly “too Republican”). Currently the longest perfect streak.

Interesting enough, there are three other “bellwether” states listed:

Nevada – 1 miss (1976) from 1912 on (96.2%, slightly “too Republican”).

New Mexico – 2 misses (1976, 2000) from 1912 on (92.3%, “neutral”). The state of New Mexico voted for the winner of the popular vote in 2000.

Florida – 2 misses (1960, 1992) from 1928 on (90.9%, slightly “too Republican”).

Today, on the RealClearPolitics site, these states are listed as OH +2.0 Trump, NV +2 .3 Trump, NM (no current data) and FL +1.2 Clinton.  So it would seem the bellwethers are mostly predicting a close race.  So keep that in mind as we explore the depth of the NY Times denial:

Hillary Clinton has not been to the state since Labor Day, and her aides said Thursday that she would not be back until next week, effectively acknowledging how difficult they think it will be to defeat Donald J. Trump here.

OK, Clinton is losing in Ohio.  Must be all those coal miners and other blue collar and union  “Deplorables” she impressed with her campaign. And of course, the NY Times understands exactly what is happening:

Ohio has failed to keep up with the demographic changes transforming the United States, growing older, whiter and less educated than the nation at large.

Oh my! Not sure how you “grow older” AND “less educated”. The wisdom of any life well spent is nothing to be sneezed at – unless of course you are an arrogant, young, over paid elitist with you nose up in the air! This reeks of desperate rationalization, aimed more at avoiding an unfortunate truth (which also seems to be brewing in NV and FL). Especially after you read this bit of brilliance:

But its Rust Belt profile, Mr. Trump’s unyielding anti-trade campaign and Mrs. Clinton’s difficulty energizing Ohio’s young voters have made it a lesser focus for Democrats this year. As Mrs. Clinton’s aides privately note, the demographic makeup of Florida, Colorado and North Carolina, which have a greater percentage of educated or nonwhite voters, makes those states more promising for Democrats in a contest in which the electorate is sorted along bright racial and economic lines.

Hmm, FL, CO and NC – none of which are showing anything more than a tight race…

The LATimes daily tracking poll today has Trump up significantly:

It would seem to me Ohio has not lost any of its predictive abilities.

On another front, you can sometimes learn the quality of a person more by his enemies than his supporters. So if you fall into the anti-NAFTA, anti-TPP, anti-globalism, the-UN-is-incompetent camps, then you will enjoy this bit of news:

The United Nations News Centre — the official U.N. news service — tweeted, then quickly pulled, a post that called for “8 million Americans abroad” to “stop Trump.”

The tweet, published at 9:14 p.m. ET on Thursday, urged American expats to share a voter registration tool on the website of the activist organization Avaaz that states, “U.S. Citizens abroad could defeat Trump … if they voted.”

The Web page, titled “The October surprise that will end Trump,” allows users to sign up for help registering to vote in the Nov. 8 presidential election and encourages them enlist their friends as well.

“At a time when Trump is trying to divide us, we could help defeat him if we all share this page with EVERYONE. Let’s reach every US voter abroad,” it reads.

The tweet was deleted within 20 minutes, without explanation.

Of course the globalists don’t want Trump to upset their little cash cows. And this peak behind the curtain that is the International Political Industrial Complex (IPIC) is not surprising.

If this is how the PICs in America and Brussels are responding to Trump – he just may be on to something!

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Sep 28 2016

A Cheating Clinton Will Lose The Election In A Landslide!

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The first presidential debate was held and Hillary Clinton was proclaimed the winner by the media. Indeed Clinton was able to turn in a strong debate performance, but did she do so fairly? Multiple reports and leaked information from inside the Clinton camp claim that the Clinton campaign was given the entire set of debate questions an entire week before the actual debate.

Emphasis mine.

We all have seen the headlines that the Political Elite are in full panic mode, and have jettisoned all professional objectivity to push Clinton over the finish line.

Are they so desperate as to help her cheat?

Clinton seemed to have scripted responses ready for every question she was asked at the first debate. She had facts and numbers memorized for specific questions that it is very doubtful she would have had without being furnished the questions beforehand. The entire mainstream media has specifically been trying to portray Trump as a racist and a poor candidate. By furnishing Clinton with the debate questions NBC certainly hoped to make Clinton appear much more knowledgeable and competent than Trump.

If this proves out (and there are witnesses to the hand-off by a NBC intern dressed as a Fed Ex employee) then this race is over.  And this is so easy to check – ask Fed Ex if they delivered a package that day – and this “conspiracy theory” will be debunked.

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Sep 28 2016

How Trump Won The Debate & Elites Cannot See It

It is almost pathetic watching the denizens of the Political Industrial Complex (PIC) try and understand the political tsunami converging on their world. They keep wondering why the electorate does not see Trump and Clinton they way they do – and they keep blaming the electorate for having the blinders on.

Truly sad. The political elite are the “in crowd” of wealthy and powerful people who are the majority of the top  1-5% in America. Their world is the PIC.

The Political Industrial Complex encompasses all those elites whose livelihoods are predicated on central-control of resources and who determine who is allowed to succeed in society. It is a bipartisan exclusive club. It includes the Politicians and their career staffers. It includes crony donors and lobbyists who reap government windfalls and special treatment that average citizens cannot obtain. It includes the PIC industrial base of pollsters, consultants, etc. And it includes the pliant news media, whose success rest on access to those in power, and in return for access making sure no bad news will disrupt said power.

I have some very simple math for the denizens of the PIC to ponder : 5% is much, much, much less than 95%.

By being so insulated from Main Street, they have completely lost touch with, and the support of, everyone else in the country.

Yes, each Political Party has its robotic supporters, unable to ween themselves from the party apparatus and truly become free as “independents”.  But realize that the size of the voter pool outside the two main parties is growing, year over year.

And it is this non-aligned, non-tethered mass of voters that pretty much uniformly finds the country on the wrong track, disapproves of government, disapproves of the news media, etc.  These people do not require (nor want) government handouts or support.  They want the government out of their lives and out of their way so they can get to their version of Life, Liberty and Happiness.

This election is not about Rep vs. Dem.  It is the PIC vs the independent masses fed up with failure in DC and the rest of the PIC. There is an enormous chasm of priorities between the PIC (lining their pockets and trying to gain global domination) and Main Street (trying to raise their families, have a career and build for retirement).

These priorities ARE NOT in harmony. And in fact, most of the PIC ideas and agendas require the 95% to sacrifice more.  The denizens of the PIC are insulated from any and all ‘downside’ to the latest schemes of the Political Elite.

So when HRC came on stage and played the perfect little PIC candidate (as Rush Limbaugh noted), it was not surprise the PIC media hacks, consultants and professional nattering class swooned on how good she did.

And the other 95& wanted to throw up. Clinton is a tired example of tired memes running in an election year driven by a sick-and-tired Main Street.

All Trump had to do was look acceptable. He – by definition – cannot win a contest of Political Insiders.

And he would ruin his brand if he tried.

Trump actually did really well if you view this from Main Street vs the PIC. When HRC tried to claim Law and Order was her strength, Trump noted he has the endorsements that prove otherwise. When Clinton (filthy rich from political cronyism) claims the rich must pay and Trump – a self made business man- laughs her off Main Street laughed right with him

Main Street does not hate Trump because he is rich! They want to be like him – duh.

HRC actually was the low-brow, low-blow snarky candidate. Her comments about Trump were off topic for Main Street.  As where Holt’s tilted questions. Main Street does not care about Birtherism (Earth to PIC – Obama got his two terms). Main Street does not care about Trumps Taxes, we all want to be like him and make money and minimize our tax burden. Main Street does not care about who he owes money to  (where was the questions on the Clinton Foundation?)

What became clear is Trump can role over the press (Lester Holt, thank you for confirming that). He has fresh new ideas, and he does not get rattled easily (he was nothing like the caricature spun by the PIC).

Look, every newspaper is endorsing Clinton – good for Trump. Old and tired GOP leaders are against Trump – good for Trump (see ya Kasich). And the “conservative” #NeverTrump folks are fighting against his outsider threat.  All good for Trump.

In Trump Main Street sees a real champion. He is not perfect (who is – the Clnitons???).  But he is on the right side of the issues and he is gathering the right kind of opposition.

And the PIC cannot even comprehend why?

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