Dec 17 2006

Muslim Civil War

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The liberal media and many on the left think the US is responsible for all the bloodshed that is rocking the Muslim world in the Middle East, but that is a very naive point of view. The fact is that since 9-11, when the US went on the offensive, the Muslim and Arab communities have been facing some stark choices and making decisions. From Beirut and Palestine, to Iraq, to Afgahnistan and Pakistan there has been expanding and pivotal civil war erupting slowly between moderate Muslims and Islamo Fascists. Originally the fighting was against forces aligned with the West (e.g., Iraq and Afghancoalition forces, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, etc.). But that was only one front. The other front was the moderates muslims – which does include Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, etc. As the Islamo Fascist suffered defeat after defeat against the military forces of the US and our Western allies, the fighting has turned into multi-fronted civil war within the Muslim and Arab communities. This is clearly seen in today’s incidents in the Palestinian territories.

Gunmen fired two mortar bombs at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s office in Gaza on Sunday, wounding at least five members of his personal guard as tensions with the ruling Hamas movement threatened to boil over.

Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar, a senior Hamas leader, accused Abbas’s forces of attempting a “military coup” in Gaza after they overran two ministries under the control of the Islamists. Zahar demanded the security men leave the ministries or else be arrested, a move that could provoke further violence.

“What is happening is a real military coup, assassinations, attempted assassinations, the occupation of headquarters and ministries,” Zahar told a news conference.

Contrary the the media’s distorted view of the world, this is what is needed and what we want. We want the broader Muslim communities to reject the extremists. We want the Islamo Fascists removed from power and lcoked up in jail (if not simply exterminated). We want the ME to make the decision to be free and open and democratic and reject Bin Laden and his ilk. And this act of defiance will be bloody and hard fought. There is no other way to deal with such a cancer as the suicide driven religous zealots. They must be excised, and they will not go quietly or willingly. And we cannot affort to back away from the field of battle right now as this next stage takes place. If there is a way to shorten this struggle it is to stand by the moderates as they throw off the cancer in their midst. We need to cover their backs and help them stand up to these voilent and brutal people. Redeployment is the worst thing to do right now.

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  1. Barbara says:


    You might not have noticed it but the world has changed in the last 230 years. What was viable then is not viable now. Part of your charm is trying to act as if is still viable.

  2. Ken says:


    Part of your “charm” is believing when you dismiss someone
    as “far” anything you have made your case.