Dec 17 2006

NK Totally Isolated

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President Bush’s determined stance on 6 way talks to deal with North Korea’s out of control nuclear program is paying big dividends right now:

THE prospects for continued peace in north Asia depend on the six-party talks on North Korea’s nuclear status, which resume in Beijing today after 15 stormy political months on the Korean peninsula.

The dynamics have shifted dramatically since the last talks. When Pyongyang tested its first nuclear bomb two months ago, defying pleas from Beijing, it alienated itself from its only ally.

Bush’s plan was to engage NK’s neighbors and get their reputations on the line with regards to resolving the situation. And it worked. When NK dissed their silent partner in public the debate went from NK vs Bush to NK vs Beijing. The handwringing evident in the media with this story is also emblematic of the shortsightedness of those who kept pushing Bush to engage in bilateral talks. There is actually less chance of war right now because China is not going to back NK and NK is now going to face the world’s military powers alone. Unlike the suicidal Islamo Fascists, NK is not about to risk annihilation.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    North Korea’s actions have also resulted in changes in Japan that has changed the regional situation as well. I don’t believe anyone in the region wanted to see those changes. The Japanese Defense Ministry has now been made a full cabinet ministry now instead of being a sub-ministry and Japan has decided to return to teaching patriotism in their school system. This has further complicated the situation for two members of the talks … China and Russia … and I don’t believe either of these countries are happy about that.

    North Korea’s actions have resulted in a fundamental change in the posture of the region that is not appealing to the countries that have in the past been her supporters. North Korea appears to be burning bridges when she needs to be building them.

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    With Kofi OUT of the UN; and the new man is KOREAN, can this have anything to do with north korea?

    Plus, the HOUSE of SAUD totters. While, I think, both Joe Lieberman and John McCain are in Iraq, using the force of a CENTERED SENATE, to “convince” Maliki and others; that just because Bush didn’t know what he was doing, we’re not gonna drop and shatter the global ball?

    True, Bush will get some credit. But he has to be on “supervised watch,” now. Considering the way things went haywire “inside the bubble.”

    Real patriots show up in DC. I’m not so sure that the party labels stick. And, I think we’re close to a crisis.

    While russia? Caught with its hands in the cookie jar. No matter how the Litvenenko “crime” breaks. Becuase it exposes the underbelly of the black marketeering markets. Country by country. As “pellets” of Polonium shows up.

    Let alone how ONE IMAN didn’t want a radioactive casket in “his” mosque! Seems radiation fears have gripped a universe that once thought it was going to be immune.

    2007 may turn into a year where things get better. Not worse. WIth other hands on our powerful government levers. Not those of freaks on either the left or right, who scream insults at each other. Over the heads of ALL in the middle.

    By the way. The current generation of north koreans are MUCH smaller than their ancestors.

    If you want to see comparisons? Visit a museum that exhibits the costumes worn at the turn of the 19th Century. When our own ancestors were much smaller than us.

    You can’t starve a population without causing genetic havoc. While China GROWS. You’ll also notice that the Vietnamese have been DEPRIVED! No “satellite” to China has ever benefitted from the countrolled way China amasses all power within a very small circle.

    Yup. Thanks to cell phones. And, the way information distrbutes. These pictures that go around, are now global.

    While language barriers SHRINK! Again, just going back to the top of the 19th century. Where you could count about 3000 languages worldwide. It’s now 40. And, literacy increases even if the only thing in your hand is a cell phone! It basically increases without books. And, it can be translated into a known language that is currently spoken elsewhere around our wonderful globe.

  3. Barbara says:


    You know, I used to enjoy your posts but ever since you started reading books by Bob Woodward and his ilk you’ve gone a little haywire. I used to think “oh goody here’s a post from Carol_Herman “but now I find it hard to keep up with all the subjects you bring up in one post. You need to put down those books and get back into the real world and leave the sunny -utopia- that- never- was mindset of the democrats. This is just my opinion, you understand, and you can take it or leave it as you wish.

  4. ordi says:


    I never thought she made sense and I have read her posts for well over a year. I think she knows a lot about a lot of things but like you said it is hard to keep up with all the subjects she bring up in one post. It would help if she would stick to one subject and keep her points on what the thread is about.

  5. luc says:

    I also found Carol_Herman’s posts amusing at the beginning. Now I just give up reading after the first paragraph or two…

  6. topsecretk9@AJ says:

    From this story,,13509-2509789,00.html

    We learn:

    United Nuclear Scientific Supplies of New Mexico, one of the few companies licensed to sell polonium-210 isotopes online, said that as a single unit costed about $69, it would take at least 15,000 orders, costing more than $10 million, to kill someone.

    The company said that as it sold to only a handful of outlets in the United States every three months, anyone placing an order for 15,000 units would be spotted.

    But check out United Nuclear’s website. Hardly the professional corporate site you’d expect, and um…check out the flash button icon of the 50’s guy…”Want some Uranium?”

    Scary to see this stuff is so easy to get, who needs Niger!

  7. crosspatch says:

    It’s all about the quantity and the isotope. Uranium is used in bullets. It is heavier than lead. Uranium in and of itself isn’t dangerous, in fact, it is less toxic to the body than lead is.

    Nobody needs Niger, Iran is apparently getting it from Somalia now.

  8. crosspatch says:

    It’s all about the quantity and the isotope.
    Uranium is used in bullets. Iti s heavier than lead.
    Uranium in and of itself isn’t dangerous, in fact, it is
    less toxic to the body than lead is.

    Nobody needs Niger, Iran is apparently getting it from Somalia now.

  9. Barbara says:

    I’m not trashing Carol. I just wish she would go back to being amusing. I really miss her posts the way they were.

  10. Ken says:

    Sounds to me like North Korea believes its position is stronger than ever due to Bush bungles. Wouldn’t surprise me.