Nov 14 2010

The Waivering Obamacare & White House Ignorance Of Main Street America

Obamacare was an ill-conceived half-thought, created by liberal minds with zero comprehension of the private sector and health care. Proof of this is found in the 111 waivers this inept White House has had to provide to private industry because Obamacare would do more damage than good:

Look, this is not rocket science or brain surgery. But if you need a rocket scientist or brain surgeon you want them to have more than a passing ability to spell the words. This White House is IGNORANT of the private sector. And I mean totally ignorant:

The Democrats running things the past two years proved they have no clue about the business of business. In their world, the real world of the private economy is an abstraction, a political figment.

Exhibit A: Along the road to ObamaCare, the party’s planners inserted into the bill the now- famous 1099 provision, requiring businesses to do an IRS report for any transaction over $600 annually. No member of Congress, White House staffer or party flunky thought to say, “Oh, wow, this 1099 requirement will crush people running their own businesses. Are we sure we want to do this?” Yes, and that 1099 fiasco is a metaphor now for the modern Democratic Party.

What in the world is the government going to do with a record of every service and purchase over $600, except hire tens of thousands of people to scan, record and archive this mess. In a $10 trillion a year economy this idiotic rule could produce almost 17 billion records. Government waste taken to a whole new and ridiculous level. The Einsteins in the White House have come up with an answer to their ignorance – they plan to hire a token business person as some fig leaf to cover up their incompetence. Incompetence that cannot be missed in their policies:

It began in early 2009 with the cap-and-trade climate bill. The country was going to have to chow down its provisions no matter how many jobs got lost in Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan and other coal-using states. The bill portended so much damage to businesses in these states that some of the Senate’s most liberal members had to beg off supporting it.

At his news conference last week, Mr. Obama still wouldn’t rule out the EPA’s impending “carbon finding” to regulate emissions, another Freddy Krueger nightmare for the average business.

The private sector is all about business, small and large. Main Street America is the private sector. Which means this White House is clueless about the heart and soul of America. If you don’t have a clue about the private sector, you are literally clueless about America.

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  1. Mike M. says:

    One wonders how much those waivers cost in campaign donations.

    And that 1099 business is a grade-A nightmare guaranteed to expand the black market. People really don’t like the government watching their every purchase…and these days, just about every major purchase will go over that threshold.

    It’s as if Obama was deliberately trying to crush small business.

    But we already knew that.

  2. WWS says:

    I think the waivers being given illustrate a point that was always intended to be an effect of the bill. *Yes*, it was destructive to business – it was meant to be. *Yes*, waivers are going to be required to survive – that was part of the plan, too.

    This way, those businesses which are “cooperative” will be granted waivers and will survive. Those which do not cooperate will not get the waivers and will be crushed while the government can pretend “that’s so sad, they just couldn’t compete.”

    And of course if it takes some nice political contributions to make sure the waivers come through, well, that’s just the way the system works now, isn’t it?

    If anybody has any doubts, this type of system quite literally is Fascism, pure and undiluted. That is no exaggeration – that is an absolutely truthful description.

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  4. Mike M. says:

    Corruption. It’s the Democrat Party Way.

  5. kathie says:

    I hate this government. It doesn’t even pretend to be evenhanded. How do you opt out?

  6. WWS says:

    “How do you opt out?”

    If you own a small business, you close the doors and lay off all your employees. Seriously.

    That explains a lot about the current economic condition we are in.

  7. lurker9876 says:

    1. The insurance company that issues the largest number of long term care policies just announced that it will leave this market while John Hancock has asked for a forty percent premium on its long term care insurance policies. I have two policies with John Hancock through two different companies; one subsidized by my current employer. I have not seen any change yet but I know that I will in a few months.

    2. Texas is looking at replacing Medicare with a private insurance company. While I was wondering how that will work, it’s an ominous sign. The reasons are that Medicare doesn’t work anymore and Medicare has added to its budget shortfall by 24B. Texas doesn’t want the Medicare patients to be without support but the state needs to find a way to make Medicare or its replacement competitive while supporting its patients.

    I would not be surprised if other states would follow.

    I would hate to pay my taxes (FICA) that would support other states if Texas decides on a replacement program.

    wws, I’d hate to think you are that serious. These waivers show how moot ObamaCare has already become. Guess the window of opportunity for opening new small businesses is closing.

    AJ, you should write a post about QE2 along with its consequences as well as Obama’s Asian failures…why the world leaders no longer respect Obama. Explain why Obama’s foreign policy does not work but why Bush’s and Reagan’s foreign policies worked. Why “power through strength” (strong horse) works better than Obama’s soft and weak horse.

  8. lurker9876 says:

    Ann Althouse notices this article from WaPo (


    “The medium and long term game plan is the Republicans will screw up enough to take advantage of. The short-term plan is to look willing to so something bipartisan and beneficent.”

    So, Republicans, don’t screw up! Learn out to play their PR game. Learn to use the Alinsky tactics against the Dems. Learn to be one or two or three steps ahead of the Dems.

    It’s too bad that we still have too many RINO’s in Congress, soon to be joined by Murky. She agrees with Mitch McConnell in voting against the earmark ban.

    You Alaskans, you need to work to find a conservative politicians to vote her out of office.

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  10. Rick C says:

    Lurker, are you confusing Medicaid and Medicare? Medicaid is the responsibility of the states. Medicare is completely federal. I can understand Texas deciding to outsource Medicaid to an insurance company. Many large companies self insure for their medical insurance, but they contract with a health insurer, like United Health Care, to actually manage the plan and make the payments.

  11. lurker9876 says:

    Yeah, I get them mixed up.