Dec 22 2010

Disturbing News On The Terrorism Front

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Tis the season for the bizarre and disturbing it seems. First, the head of our national security efforts demonstrates how Dianne Sawyer would be better at his job:

As if that is not disturbing enough, a terrorism unit in Tennessee has its sites on the ACLU and an event meant to promote inclusion during the holiday season.

The Fusion Center’s Internet map is part of a national map maintained by Information is provided by agencies across the U.S. It includes various blinking icons. The map’s label originally was titled Terrorism Events and Other Suspicious Activity.

Near Nashville, a blinking hexagon-shaped symbol with an exclamation point read “ACLU cautions TN schools about ‘observing one religious holiday.'” The hexagon symbol, when clicked on, originally stated “suspicious activity.” But it later was changed to say “general nonincident terrorism news” after inquiries by reporters.

The map’s label also was changed. It now says Open Source News Reports. An icon near Chattanooga features a symbol of a person along with a question mark.

All the while, there are serious threats afoot. Like the attempt in Atlanta to smuggle unauthorized men into an airport’s restricted areas near the planes:

Agencies conducting a counter-terrorism sweep at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport may have made their most significant find so far.

Agents did not find any explosives but said they did find several suspicious men in the back of a truck who would have had inside access to a cargo area at the airport. The area is not connected to passenger terminals.

Undocumented workers or a terrorist unit? And then there is this disturbing new angle of attack – our food source:

According to a recent CBS News report, a key intelligence source has confirmed the threat is credible.

This latest Al Qaeda terror strategy is being called “Operation Hemorrhage”. It’s designed to attack the enemy with many smaller, yet effective acts, essentially bleeding us to death.

The CBS News report says terrorist now plan to spread cyanide on food at buffets. So, CBS 21 News came to the largest buffet in our area to see how they are keeping you safe.

I have been expecting the more subtle forms of attacks for years now. I recall a trip to Disney World we took a few years back where I kept noticing the various threat options (let’s just say water is an interesting transmission agent). I realized then large numbers of us our exposed every day and hour of the week.

While we are patting down our grandparents due to the benefits of modern medicine (and hip replacements), we seem to be distracted and forgetting why there is airport security. The process has become such a mindless bureaucracy that guns are getting on airplanes. The myth of global warming and CO2 as a poison is given the same priority on Napalitano’s and Brenner’s agenda as suicide bombers (follow the links).

We clearly don’t have America’s best or brightest on the job here. Instead of monitoring the internet for threats against America, this gang is trying to tilt the internet traffic to benefit a political party or view. Simply insane

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  1. dbostan says:

    The left is waging continuous war on the US.
    They weaken us internally, they weaken us externally.
    The fact that 11 repubics backed the new START treaty is a very, very bad sign.
    This treaty is very detrimental to us.
    Grahamnesty spilled the beans by recognizing that the repubic caved in this Congress, to preclude the new more conservative Senators to have more weight next year.
    Proactive cave to the demsheviks.
    Again it can be seen that the RINO wing of the GOP is not doing what is good for the country but what is good for the “progressives”.
    No mercy for them.
    Primary them all and move the GOP clearly to the right to become a patriotic, constitutional party for once.

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  3. OregonGuy says:

    How would one parody this demonstration of the elites’ competence? Would one require the services of Larry, Moe and Curley Joe?

  4. ivehadit says:

    Alexander, Dick Lugar of Indiana, Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Bob Corker of Tennessee, Johnny Isakson of Georgia, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Thad Cochran of Mississippi, Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, George Voinovich of Ohio and Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, both of Maine.

    Why did these people vote for the START treaty? I want the REAL reason, not the P.R. reason.

    The pollsters are going to have to have a new rating system: unlimited NEGATIVE rating…as in -97 for the Senate.

  5. dbostan says:

    From the Redstate blog:

    Lindsey Graham Gives Away the Game
    Posted by Erick Erickson
    Wednesday, December 22nd at 5:00AM EST

    There has been a lot of speculation this week about why the GOP rolled over in the Senate on virtually every issue. From Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’s repeal to START to you name it — the GOP became the party of capitulation. So much so that even Lindsey Graham is blasting the Senate GOP “for a ‘capitulation … of dramatic proportions’ to Democrats and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in the lame-duck Congress.”

    In his statement about why the GOP folded like a cheap suit, Graham gives away the game. He says, “I can understand the Democrats being afraid of the new Republicans; I can’t understand Republicans being afraid of the new Republicans.”

    As I’ve said for a while, with many people disagreeing, the 2010 election was about moving the Senate GOP right, not moving the Senate to the GOP. This past week makes my case for me.

    The Senate GOP is decidedly mushy on many fronts and unwilling for really tough fights except in odd circumstances. The Senate GOP understands that Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, Pat Toomey, and Marco Rubio are headed to the Senate as reinforcements for Jim DeMint. They are deeply worried because of it.

    Why worry? Because the Senate GOP wants to cut deals with the Senate Democrats and they know that just Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Jim DeMint will be able to force deals much more conservative than the Senate GOP is.

    So Senate Republicans decided to roll over on big issues now knowing that next year they will be forced further right than they might be comfortable.

    Here’s a golden truth some of you won’t like, but is true nonetheless: Mike Lee and Rand Paul are worth ten regular Republican Senators any day of the week. They’ll fight. And they’ll win.

  6. lurker9876 says:

    Is the lame duck session OVER????

  7. ivehadit says:

    Thanks Dbostan. Explains a lot…and it makes me sick.
    2012 will be (and should be) a tough year for some of these 11 senators, imho. Fear the incoming new senators? No, FEAR THE ELECTORATE.

  8. WWS says:

    fyi, something’s messed up on the site coding again. Top two posts won’t allow comments to be posted, but all of the rest will. (like this one)

    thursday evening, 9:30 central.